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Rocket Loans Dashboard



Rocket Loans aims to provide seamless digital experiences for getting personal loans. The application, origination, and servicing portal was hosted on its own web platform. Due to the rise in demand for personal loans, a business decision was made to integrate Rocket Loans' servicing portal into MyRocket.

MyRocket is a personal dashboard that lets a user get an overview of varying Rocket products the user has registered for while surfacing product offers that could be relevant to the user's financial journey. (i.e Rocket Mortgage, Rocket Money, Rocket Homes)

The Challenge

With a rise in demand for personal loans during 2022-2023, an opportunity arose to embed a Rocket Loans experience within the MyRocket dashboard. In an effort to provide a seamless experience between Rocket's products, the MyRocket dashboard team was tasked to integrate the loans servicing portal into the MyRocket dashboard.

Modern Architecture

My Role:

I was asked to help envision and create the Rocket Loans servicing experience within MyRocket. Due to my extensive knowledge of the personal loan space,  my design leader suggested I was a prime candidate to help drive this project with the MyRocket team.

Measurements of success:

Application to Conditionally Appoved

The metric that tracked how many users who started their mortgage application, and finished all their tasks prior to underwriting. 

Revision Request Volume

The amount of revisions requested by an operational member for a client to correct a mistake made on a submitted task.

The End Experience

Our design team created a chat interface to connect new leads and agents to start their mortgage applications from
9 PM ET - 10PM ET.

Overall Impact:

(1/18/23 - 4/1/23)

By creating a conversational chat experience that connected users and agents after core business hours, we were able to create double-digit lifts in placements and closed loan volume.

lift in placements

in closed loan volume

What was our strategy?

Analyze baseline metrics

Originally we focused on how many leads were falling out during core business hours. Once our design team saw the amount of leads happening after closing time, we addressed the numbers with our product team.

Strategize ideations

What if we found a way to connect available agents with late-night leads? 

Test and review ideations

We conducted a split test to capture demand for a chat experience at the end of our paid search funnel. It led to an insight that users decisively would rather chat with an agent after core hours than speak on the phone the following day.

Apply learnings

After validating initial demand, the cost benefit analysis gave us a strong indication to fill a gap in closed loan revenue. Creating a digital agent chat experience was within reason.

Key Learnings

- Product & Design can size opportunities together to influence impact.

- Meeting users where they are in the process, is instrumental.

- Conversational design helps accommodate users with different communication preferences.

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